FoodbankAGM-51wGlossopdale food bank works hard in your community, to deliver food parcels to people in food crisis throughout the Glossop dale

We rely, solely on the good will of volunteers.

For this to be achieved we need more people with time and skills to help with the delivery of this vital service.

The day to day running of the food bank, has a dedicated team, but as this needs to be maintained and supported, we always need people in the development of its future.

We are looking for people with;

Spare Time, administrative skills, fundraising skills, website knowledge and much more.

Also people who would like to be responsible for one or more of our “Donation points” dotted about throughout the dale.

We from time to time hold events in stores, where we need people to chat to the public about the work we do and encourage donation.

It goes without saying this is a worthy cause and you can be confident, that the contribution you give from volunteering will remain in the Glossop dale.

You may even have been or know someone who has been supported by the food bank and would for that reason like to give a little back.

So as it is coming up to the time of year when we think maybe we should be thinking of making a “New Year’s Resolution”

Please make it early and give a little thought to volunteering for the “The Glossop Dale Food Bank.

If you can help or have any questions get in touch