Fifteen volunteers from all parts of Glossop arrived at Gamesley Geoffrey Allen centre last Thursday to help start a second food bank for Glossopdale. And a string of apologies that also came in made organisers confident that they could make things happen, sooner rather than later.

County Councillor Dave Wilcox says he was enthused and humbled by the response and regretted that the project couldn’t immediately begin. He reported that he’d managed to secure £500 from the County Council to assist in setting up the scheme.

“Some of the participants came to distribute parcels rather than talk about it,” he said, “whilst others were volunteering to show people how to cheaply prepare nutritious meals and yet others were offering tips on growing your own fresh foods.”

“People were anxious to cut the talking and begin the action, but it was recognised that whatever was proposed was going to have to last and was going to start small before it spreads more widely across Glossopdale.”

As well as people employed in health improvement, the voluntary sector and a High Peak borough Councillor, there was a neighbourhood watch coordinator, a former teacher, an internet and web designer, a trained chef, a football coach and a rep from incredible edible. Glossop volunteer centre was also represented and said it was positioned to offer help to Community Organiser, Pat Javanaud, in the trawl for volunteers.

“We’ve a lot to learn from other schemes,” said Padfield and Hadfield Borough Councillor Ellie Wilcox. As a former Whitfield Councillor she said that she was anxious that any new scheme should work in co-ordination with the existing Waterfall Project based around St. James’s.

The group resolved to fire off a series of letters to local and National businesses in Glossopdale and to follow up with phone calls and face-to-face meetings. They also discussed dropping off places, general fund raising, storage, distribution, eligibility to be a recipient of parcels and making sure the scheme was not a flash in the pan.

The next meeting was fixed for Tuesday 20th March, 10.00am. at the Geoffrey Allen Centre where more volunteers and those able to offer skills will be welcomed.

Derbyshire Adult Community Organiser, Pat Javanaud, said that at this meeting, people who might benefit from obtaining an accredited certificate in volunteering may also wish to attend. Further information and details on all elements of the proposed scheme are available from Pat on Glossop 858035.